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Thoughts for Advent 2

Thoughts for Advent 2

December 12, 2018


As we continue in this holy season where we prepare for the coming of Christ to us again, I want to remind you of perhaps the MOST important way in which we can prepare:  Receiving the Eucharist.
We must be reminded again and again that Christ exercises divine power when one encounters him in the Eucharist.  Christ does not force himself upon the unwilling, but to the degree that a person is receptive and open to divine grace, his or her encounter with Christ will be marked by change.  It will be marked by the interruption of sinful ways and earthly attachments.  It is an occasion for the working of God's sanctifying power in our lives.  It's no surprise that Wesleyan theologian Rob Staples (and other theologians through the history of the Church) referred to the Eucharist as the "sacrament of sanctification."
Our encounter with Christ in the Eucharist follows the pattern of Christ's earthly life, in which he often performed miracles in the context of a personal encounter.  Ronald Knox says:  "It was not part of Christ's programme to glorify  God with mass-produced miracles; each person he cured must be brought into personal relations with him, must be able to say afterwards, 'He turned, and spoke to me.' "  (From "The Holy Eucharist" in The Layman and His Conscience)
Our encounter with Christ in the Eucharist also helps to free us from deeper attachments that, left undisturbed, would tie us to earth and keep us from preparing to meet Christ when he comes again in power and glory.  
I encourage  you, as you journey through this Advent season, to pray for a fresh vision of the holy Eucharist, this wonderful sacrament of sanctification.
Pastor Thelander  

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