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Saint Nicholas the Real Santa Clause

December 6, 2018

(The Sun)
In many parts of the church, today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas.   What we know of this man is limited, but it is believed he was born in Asia Minor, although we don't know the date.  He was a bishop of the church at Myra, where he was known for his great zeal and holiness.  He was present at the historic Council of Nicea in A.D. 325, where he not only denounced the heresy of Arianism, but legend has it that in his zeal he punched Arius in the face!
Nicholas devoted himself to helping the poor and converting sinners.  He is the patron saint of storm-tossed sailors because it is believed that he miraculously saved some doomed mariners off the coast of Lycia.  He is also patron of prisoners and children, as well as the patron saint of Greece and Russia.
He was referred to as Klaus (short for Nicholas) by some, later to be known as Sint Klaus, and by the Dutch as Santa Claus.  About the only thing he has in common with the secular Santa Claus is generosity.  Whereas Santa Claus brings material gifts to children once a year, Saint Nicholas gave of himself daily.  His gifts brought food to the hungry, clothes to the poor, and nourishment to the soul.  He gave of himself to others.  He was not merely good and generous.  He was pious and devout.  His whole life centered on God.
Perhaps when our children or young people become curious about Santa Claus, we will be able to tell them the story of the real "St. Nick."  His life provides opportunities for all of us, at this time of year, to reflect upon the profound Gospel truths underlying the Christmas season.
Pastor Thelander
(Adapted from Johnnette Benkovic, Graceful Living)

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