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Thanksgiving for a Wonderful Healing Service

July 31, 2017

 "Our Lord Jesus Christ went about preaching the gospel and healing. He commanded his disciples to lay hands on the sick that they might be healed. Following his example, and in obedience to his command, we shall lay hands on all who so request this day, praying that the Lord will grant healing and peace according to his loving and gracious will," Pastor Thelander introduced the service of Laying on of Hands with Prayer and Anointing at a Celebration of Holy Communion at Epworth last Sunday.


All in the congregation who desired the grace of God, on behalf of themselves or one or more other person, to be made whole in body, mind, spirit or relationship were invited to go forward for the laying on of hands and anointing by Pastor Thelander and Pastor John supported by our acolytes. It was a moving and beautiful service.

In the Afterword service following, Pastor John shared insights he had gained from his study of healing at Asbury Seminary:

We know what we know about healing due to Scripture, Reason, Tradition, and Experience

What is Illness?
Sickness/illness is an evil that exists as part of our fallen Creation, but that God can use for His higher redemptive purposes.
We are not to accept sickness/illness passively, but to take steps against it. (Paul pleaded with God to remove the “thorn in his flesh” – 2 Corinthians 12:7-8)
It can be due to our own poor choices, including sin; while others can be due to the sins of those around us.
Can be the result of a traumatizing wound that forms a vortex memory that shapes how we see ourselves, the world, and God.
The common enemy of medical science and faith.

What is Healing?
Mystery. Our response: Humility (Not all who are sick are healed and we don’t know why)
A restoration of the image of God and of our relationship with God (the purpose of healing).
We are commanded to pray for the sick (James 5:14-16)
Holistic (mind, body & spirit all interact).
About faith and obedience; not power. (As much for the healer as for the recipient.)
Protection from side effects is a form of healing.
May involve overcoming demonic influence.

What is God’s will?
Christ suffers with us. For proof, look to Jesus weeping for Lazarus, and His suffering on the cross.
Sickness falls within God’s circumstantial will (what He allows in a fallen world), and healing is part of His Ultimate will (when the Kingdom and earth are one). (Exodus 15:26)
Seeking healing is an act of exercising faith that draws us closer to God, even if His answer is no.

How does it work?
Where people expect to see miracles, they tend to happen (and the reverse is true too).
Healing often happens as a result of faith (that of the healer and/or of the recipient), but not always (faith is the “natural habitat” of healing).
It doesn’t require a lot of faith to work miracles.
Some people have a gift of healing, but it is ultimately an act of the Holy Spirit.
Healing tends to be progressive; not instantaneous. Persistent prayer is often required.
Healing is often partial (regaining function or removal of pain, while retaining the cause)
Sickness/illness that results from sin cannot be healed until the sin has been repented of/confessed.
Healing can occur through natural processes that God already put within our bodies (often sped up by prayer).
Healing can occur through medical science and/or psychological counseling.
Healing sometimes requires forgiveness. Forgiveness withheld is poison to the soul.
Healing tends to require specific prayer, not abstract, impersonal prayer.
We pray for healing according to God’s will, while offering our wounds as instruments for His service. There may come a time when it becomes clear we are to stop praying for a healing.
Should always be medically verified.
Healing requires a response on our part.

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Aug 18: Jeremiah 23:23-29, Psalm 82, Hebrews 12:1-14, Luke 12:49-56

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