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A Wesleyan-Anglican Church in Boise, Idaho

An All-American Fourth of July for Refugee Family

July 5, 2016

Through the Church Partnerships program of World Relief Epworth is greatly privileged to be working with a refugee family newly arrived in Boise. Our Good Neighbor Team sponsored an All-American Fourth of July evening for this family who has been in America for just about a month.

Although communication was limited—the adults have some English and the children none—we all did fine with gestures and smiles. Our guests taught us 4 Arabic words: Mahaba (phonetically) is Hello, Shukalan is thank you, beriani is the delicious chicken and rice dish they shared—so flavorful with spices brought with them from their homeland, and sunjab is squirrel—which we all learned when one scampered along the top of the fence.

The ladies shared food words while working in the kitchen and the men while visiting on the patio. The children (4 refugee and 3 from Epworth) seemed to have no problem while running around laughing with water guns and balls. This was an amazing delight for 4 young boys who had not been able to play outdoors for 3 years because it was unsafe.

The menu incluided hamburgers and hot dogs from the grill, potato salad, watermelon, veggies with hummus, and the wonderful beriani casserole. After a walk in the park eating chocolate chip cookies we had tea (chai in Arabic) and strawberry pie. While waiting for it to get dark John taught the boys how to play Uno.

And, of course, we ended the evening with fireworks.

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Luke 1:78-79

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Aug 18: Isaiah 51:1-6, Psalm 138, Romans 11:33-36, Matthew 16:13-20

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