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Established 1999
A Wesleyan-Anglican Church in Boise, Idaho

On-going Art Exhibit, An Epworth Feature

April 13, 2015

 As children of a creative God, we are most like our heavenly Father when we develop the creativity He has gifted us with. This creativity is nurtured in many ways at Epworth Chapel on the Green, through our music, public reading, book and poetry groups, sharing our cooking and gardening, and in the art exhibit we enjoy weekly in our narthex and throughout the parish hall.

Almost from the beginning Epworth has had a group that met regularly for painting, especially in the execution of watercolors. The lovely Donna Beukelman was one of the most faithful and productive members of this group.

When Donna died a year ago her daughter Gail chose to honor her mother by sharing some of Donna’s paintings in what she thought would be a short-term exhibition. “I didn’t have any idea my mother had so many paintings,” Gail said.

The response to the exhibit has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and has now become a permanent part of Epworth. Gail changes the pictures regularly, choosing a different theme for each season and hanging them with an artistry that shows the talent she inherited from her mother.

Although Donna’s paintings form the core of the exhibit several other parishioners, including our pastor, contribute. And this Lent, when Pastor Thelander asked that we “fast our art” as a Lenten discipline, the bare walls of our parish hall taught us how very important the paintings had become to us.

The exhibit has become an important way to get to know parishioners who are still with us and a way of “keeping Donna with us.”

Anyone is welcome to view the exhibit during the Afterword time of refreshments and discussion following the morning Holy Communion service which begins at 10:00 every Sunday morning. Anyone wishing more information about the painting group may write:

The current exhibit, celebrating the joy of spring and the Easter Season, features flowers:

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Luke 1:78-79

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Aug 25: Isaiah 28:14-22, Psalm 46, Hebrews 12:18-19, 22-29, Luke 13:22-30

Aug 18: Jeremiah 23:23-29, Psalm 82, Hebrews 12:1-14, Luke 12:49-56

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